Monday, 23 July 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Boys Fanni Firmin Voc/Gtr. Mark Wan Gtr. Clare Hurst Sax (Belle Stars-David Bowie) Sara Lee Bass (Gang of Four-B52s) Andrew Edge Drums/Voc. 1 single - self produced.

"Fanni's real name was/is Fanni Firmin. She used to get looks from people who couldn't believe it wasn't her stage name. I was always asked if ´Edge´ was my real name. Mark's name was a joke based on 'Mach-One'. He used to laugh a lot about it. Clare and Sara only played with band for short periods of time."

"We used to rehearse in airless, sweaty holes in the backs of pubs or in a tram shed down by the docks. We played the usual London gigs at the time: The Greyhound in Fulham, Dingwalls in Camden & The Rock Garden in Covent Garden. This was the era of Pub-Rock, Ska, Punk and anything else you could think of."

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