Monday, 23 July 2007

The Thompson Twins

The Thompson Twins: Tom Bailey Bass/Voc. Pete Dodd Gtr/Voc. John Roog Gtr. Andrew Edge/Drums (photo shows Chris Bell) Eight months of concerts in and around London. 1 demo cassette produced (for record companies only).

"I auditioned for The Thompson Twins in a studio called The Point, in Victoria, London. They were pushing tempos to the limits of a drummer’s physical endurance. (This was before Techno and 185-190-210 beats per minute.) I got the job because I could play all their 'fills' (the musical breaks between singing). They couldn't understand how I knew what was coming. I didn't tell them that they used the same 'fill' every single time. It was always the 'Bossa Nova' beat.

I left the band twice. Why? Internal politics; "Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians". They released one single which was recorded live at the 101 club in Clapham, but credited the drummer as Chris Bell.

Tom later sacked the band, took the name and created the version that became massively sucessful."

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