Monday, 23 July 2007

Session Musician

Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth album/1 track.

"Savage Progress was recording its first demos at The Point Studio in Victoria, London. Julian had booked a few weeks to record his 'World Shut Your Mouth' album. The song 'World Shut Your Mouth' came later on Julian's next album. His drummer (ex-Teardrop Explodes drummer) had gone back to Liverpool. Alex Burak was engineering the album and he and I were good friends, so he phoned me up to ask if I would play on the last track.

Savage Progress had been in there 2 nights before - Ned opened the door to the Control Room and had knocked Julian's 12-string guitar over - the neck of the guitar broke in two. If you read the lyrics of the album it contains lines that refer to the accident. (Alex Burak doesn’t believe me about this.) I charged Julian the standard Musicians Union rate at the time. It took his management company a whole year to pay it."

Nicky Tesco (The Members-Leningrad Cowboys) studio recording and live concerts.

Thomas Lear - 1 album track.

The Chills (New Zealand) played drums on "Pink Frost" - recorded at The Point studio, London.

Stump (London) concerts in and around London.

Died Pretty (Australia) Tour of Great Britain and France.

Hipsway - 1 single ('The Honey Thief').

Freur/Underworld. Played original backing track drums on the single ( 'Doot - Doot')

After having lived in London for some years Andrew moved to Linz in Austria. He started his singing/songwriting career as well as continuing to play drums occasionally.

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