Monday, 23 July 2007


YOYO (EMI Records) Andrew Edge Voc/Gtr. Christoph Raffetseder Gtr/Voc. Andreas Raffetseder Bass/Voc. Manfred Cellnig Gtr. Hansi Riener Drums.
1 album and 3 singles released singles: Day after Day - Games People Play - Get Up.
Concerts in Austria - radio and TV appearances - concert as support act for the Beach Boys -
"I formed YOYO after having lived in Austria for a year. I stole Andreas and Christoph from a band called 'The Jay Band', and Hansi and Manfred from 'High & Mighty'. I wanted it to be a guitar-based pop band with harmonies; a classic/American west coast type of thing. After a year we signed to EMI. I said that if a band don't get signed after a year they should give up. We recorded the Album/CD in Vienna in the middle of summer. The only problem was the air conditioning couldn't be turned on while we were working. Hot and sticky."

Quick memories: "Being on ORF (Austrian TV) for the first time. We did a rehearsal for the cameras but when the show went out (live) I changed the way I moved about on stage. Apparently the producer and the cameraman were not very pleased (blurred camera shots, etc.)

Although I totally disagreed, the boys insisted on signing a management agreement with an advertising agent and a serving 'Cobra' policeman (Counter-Terrorism Special Operations tactical unit), who agreed to a tour supporting the ÖVP (conservative Austrian People's Party). I disagreed with this as well, so they got rid of me (by telegram) and found another singer to do the tour."
EMI later dropped them and they made one independent EP.....then disbanded.
Some good memories and a few bad ones. I still miss the 3-part harmonies and the chiming guitars."

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